The Mothers of Yunnan (The Tian Haifeng Crime Series Book 2)

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A must read. You won't be disappointed. Very readable. Well worth it. First book kept me reading faster as the intrigue developed. Lancez vous et vous serez out comme moi conquis! If you like thrillers, you are bound to love 'The Fathers of Xinjiang' as you will be caught by a well- knit plot.

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The author shares with us his knowledge of archaeology and forensic science but he also manages to create very endearing characters; the love relationship Haifeng gets involved in contributes to making 'The Fathers of Xinjiang' much more than a mere crime story. Scenery, like the desert, is beautifully depicted.

Tian quel homme! Vite au prochain.. Apart from the discovery of fascinating places and of a very interesting Tibetan community and their customs, the book is also an initiatory journey. Once I started reading the book, I just could not stop!

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I bought this novel hot on the heels of reading - and really enjoying - the first in the series, 'the Fathers of Xinjiang'. Both feature a Chinese detective, Inspector Tian Haifeng, through a fascinating, gripping set of events that initially seem to be very little for him to investigate, either because they are not in his caseload at all, or come to his notice outside of the day job. As such, I have the i mpression of a maverick who allows his curiosity to influence how he spends his time in order to go beyond the normal daily workload to track down the truth, no matter where that takes him.

The Inspector 's struggle not to break down and his erroneous assumptions, his doubts, his emotions make him an even more likeable character than in the two previous novels. The book also offers an insight into China's politics in the 70s and the 80s.


Xu has returned home in Beijing. He was picked up earlier by the security police, a source said.

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Yesterday, scores of citizens traveled to the vicinity of Kenhua Prison in Ninghe District in Tianjin where Xu Zhiyong had been imprisoned since he was sentenced in February A group of men began idling about outside her home, and when she yelled out asking who they were, they shrank away and kept quiet. About an hour later, when she was unable to raise her husband and son on the phone, and just beginning to get anxious, the lights in her apartment suddenly went out.

Her internet was also cut. The harsh buzz of an electric drill shattered the silent darkness and within a few minutes the lock had been drilled out, falling to the ground. A gang of men […]. I feel that I have so much to say — but at the same time, it seems that only being as quiet and still as a mountain could truly encompass the full meaning of the Crackdown. Their work defending the civil rights and liberties of Chinese citizens extends from the internet to the streets, from courtrooms to jails.

He told us his name himself — you have to give him credit for being pretty open and candid. He had strongly opposed the decision. Increasingly astonished and impressed, once the full significance of the act sunk in Liao Yiwu came to regard it as the most singular event during the movement — second perhaps only to the Tank Man. One human rights lawyer has described Liu as enthusiastic and […]. His academic training of nearly a decade was in ancient Chinese historiography — a set of research methodologies that he never expected he would apply to unraveling the genesis, execution, and aftermath of the bloody slaughter of unarmed students and Beijing residents in Wu was a junior faculty member of the China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing at the time of the protests, in which he was also a participant.

He was one of […]. Wang Qiaoling, May 26, This interview was conducted on May 5, , three days before lawyer Li Heping returned home. From July 9, , for the next two months, about lawyers, rights defenders, and dissidents were subject to mass disappearances; they were summoned by police, detained, and some have eventually been sentenced and jailed. Some victims have been imprisoned, others have been released on probation, still others have been given suspended sentences.

It would seem that what family members want most is for the victims to be released, no matter what […]. They are demanding to be paid in accordance with U. As the New York Times noted, several of the […]. Xie Yang, during the three-hour show trial for subversion and disrupting court order, denied being tortured as part of an apparent deal with the government. He looked gaunt in photographs. He was represented by a government appointed lawyer, and no witnesses were called.

In doing so, the police did not present any legal warrant. Lawyer Chen Jiangang and the company have now been in custody for over 19 hours, and their belongings have been confiscated. After breakfast the four of us—Huang, […]. I was walking out the first floor entrance of our apartment building with my daughter when I found myself surrounded by a large group of state security agents. I thought it was a standard attempt to threaten […]. Chen Jiangang, April 24, This article was written in December, Then in an equally courageous action, Chen published them.


On December 2, , Zhang Haitao was sent to Shaya Prison in southwestern Xinjiang to serve his jail term, which ends on June 25, , when he will be 63 years old. The last time they saw him was February 6. According to Chinese law, lawyers are free to meet their clients any time during the trial stage. Rattled by the coverage of torture and responses by international legal professionals as well as foreign governments, China took extraordinary steps in early March to deny the torture and attempt to discredit the report, in an all-out propaganda assault.

16th Workshop, CLSW 2015, Beijing, China, May 9-11, 2015, Revised Selected Papers

March 31, Taiwanese pro-democracy activist Lee Ming-che disappeared on March 19 after clearing immigration in Macau. Now that my own my loved one is detained, terror grips my heart. On March 30, the court sentenced him to four years in prison. The persecution, the beatings, the shackling, have all turned into […]. Now we know. The physician on duty at the detention center treated it as nothing more than a superficial skin infection and administered painkillers.

Jiang Tianyong is believed to have been tortured to subjection. The smear campaign clearly aims to rein in the defiant human rights lawyers and to misinform the world. Given this, there is now a credible fear […]. I cherish life. I want to live to see the universal values of democracy, liberty, rule of law, and human rights realized in China. I want to see a constitutional system of government established in China.

I cherish my family. I want to see my children grow and live in freedom and health.

For all these reasons, I will not kill myself. If something unexpected happens to me, please know that it will absolutely not be because I committed suicide. I have committed no crime. I will never, of my own volition, assent to any illegal interrogation, and nor will I level false charges against […]. Twenty-nine respected lawyers and judges from around the world penned a letter demanding that China respect the rule of law, while the European Union issued a rare statement expressing concern over the reported torture of human rights lawyers.

The case began with the mass […]. There were 5 essays in Tibetan, 25 in English, and 1 in Chinese. It was presented as a gift to him as a token of respect and friendship, and most importantly as a testament to his preciousness and rarity: wise, kind, brave, righteous. And yet… those whom […]. Elliot Sperling, February 5, In memory of Elliot, who passed away last week.

I recovered this from my email archive, dated September 17, , the day after Ilham Tohti was nominated for the Sakharov Prize. It is published here for the first time. In an interview with the artist Ai Weiwei in , he recounted how he was abducted one day in by Chinese domestic security police, beaten savagely, and thrown onto a hill outside Beijing in the middle of the night. XIE: I tend to be constipated and need to eat fruit; otherwise the condition can get rather serious. I asked them to give me some fruit to eat.


I would have to write a statement […]. CHEN: Other than not letting you sleep, were there other ways they used to coerce you? XIE: Yes. They make you sit up there, with both feet unable to touch the ground.

I told them that my right leg was injured from before, and […]. XIE: Okay. Did you ask for time to sleep? Were you tired? XIE: Very tired! CHEN: Describe what happened after you got to the room. XIE: After I got to the room, police kept coming in one after another to ask […]. This revelation, and the extraordinary circumstances of it, mark an important turn in the crackdown on human rights lawyers. This group, seen as the gravest threat to regime security, has not been crushed, but instead has become more courageous and more determined.

This is the first of several installments in English translation.