The Legends Of The Iroquois, Told By The Cornplanter

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Margaret Alice Murray.

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The Legends of the Iroquois - William Walker Canfield, Cornplanter (Seneca chief) - Google книги

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Robert Nisbet Bain. King David Kalakaua. Japanese Fairy World. William Elliot Griffis. Hawaiian Legends Of Volcanoes. More Celtic Fairy Tales Illustrated. Frank Bird Linderman. Stroebe Clara. The code of Handsome Lake's played an important role in Jesse Cornplanter's life. His father, Edward Cornplanter , the original Cornplanter's great-great-grandson, was one of a half dozen men of his generation who were authorized as faithkeepers or "holders of the Gai'wiio. Until , the Gai-wiio was entirely an oral tradition. Literacy in English, however, was long established among the Senecas, as a result of the various reservation schools that began to appear in the 18th century--founded by one Christian denomination or another.

The Legends of the Iroquois, Told by the Cornplanter

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Baule Linworth, Read preview Overview. The Cornplanter was born in Conewangus, on the Genesee River, probably in the year , and died on Cornplanter Island in the Allegheny River, on March 7, , at the age of one hundred and four years. The Cornplanter spent his early years at the council-fires, and became one of the most celebrated orators in the Confederation of the Six Nations.

He traveled from village to village and sought wisdom from the sages of the Iroquois. It was during this portion of his life that he listened to the traditions that had descended from chief to chief over a period of three centuries. When he had acquired a reputation for bravery and woodcraft second to none of his race, he was unanimously chosen Chief of the Senecas, and came at once into prominence as the leader of the war-parties of that nation in alliance with the French against the English.