Refractive Surgery: A Color Synopsis: A Color Synopsis

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In most cases, a significant undercorrection or regression can be successfully treated with additional laser vision correction after your surgeon confirms your residual refractive error is stable. Because the corneal flap acts as a natural bandage, eye infections occur less frequently after LASIK than after flap-free corneal refractive procedures like PRK.

Still, it is very important to use medicated eye drops as directed after your LASIK procedure to avoid infection and control inflammation as your eyes heal. The safety and effectiveness of LASIK surgery continues to improve, thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology, surgical skill and optimal patient selection.

The Operation - Eye Witness Laser Eye Surgery Day 1a

Complications generally were more common in the early years of LASIK, when studies in the late s indicated that up to 5 percent of people undergoing laser vision correction experienced some type of problem. These days, this number is under 1 percent for serious complications.

Since the procedure first was introduced in the military in , researchers have conducted more than 45 studies regarding safety and effectiveness of LASIK and other procedures.

Corneal Topography and its Integration into Refractive Surgery

LASIK outcomes have been overwhelmingly positive. Refractive surgery has entered the mainstream of general ophthalmology, with patients inquiring every day about their potential for the surgery or questioning the results of previous procedures.

Because my eyes are very important me, I decided to go all out on my laser eye surgery. I started by visiting a retina specialist to do a full and thorough exam of my eyes. During the consultation, they tested things like the thickness of my cornea, the dryness of my eyes, and the overall shape of my eyes. At the end of the consultation, I was told that I was a candidate and that everything was good to go.

I decided on a procedure called Custom Wavefront LASIK, which means that they first do a full custom 3D scan of your eyes to get a very detailed 3D image of your exact eyeballs, then they develop a custom correction plan based on those scans. It is much more precise than the standard procedure and it personalized to your eyes. It was also the most expensive option that my doctor offered, which is not usually a good reason to purchase something.

Three Femtosecond Lasers Have New Indications

In the case of my eyes, however, I wanted the best possible option, even if it cost more money. Three Ativan later and they were not legally allowed to give me any more, even though the anxiety was still pretty strong. I decided at that point to just push through the fear and get the procedure over with. Once I got into the operating room, I was asked to lie down and several numbing drops were applied to my eyes.

Refractive Surgery: A Color Synopsis: A Color Synopsis

Then, my eyes were held open using a lid speculum just imagine that scene from A Clockwork Orange so that I was unable to blink. As my eyes were being held open, a nurse was irrigating them with both numbing drops and some moistening drops to keep them from drying out. The doctor then used a suction ring on the front of my eye to prevent my eye from moving while he cut the flap.

This part was a bit uncomfortable and I remember feeling a huge amount of pressure on my eye, to the point where my vision would go in and out from blurry, to complete darkness, multiple times. Once the doctor cut the flap open, he then folded it over, exposing the cornea, then let the laser start its work reshaping the cornea. The laser was completely painless, and looked pretty cool; kind of like a blurry laser light show. I could also smell something that was reminiscent of burning hair. Once the laser was finished, the doctor folded the flap back over the cornea and then used a little tiny squeegee to press the flap back into place.

I could actually see this little squeegee as it went across my eyeball like a little window cleaner. I remember kind of laughing about it because I thought it was so ridiculous. After the first eye was finished, the doctor moved onto the second eye and repeated the process. Each eye took about 5 minutes, so the entire procedure was done in under 15 minutes, including prep and everything.

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After the procedure, I could tell my eyesight improved immediately. My eyes were still very foggy from all of the drops and numbing liquid that was still in them, but I remember immediately being able to make out details that I would normally need my glasses to see.


The doctor then cleared me to go home, instructing me to avoid using my eyes too much for the rest of the day, to avoid strenuous exercise for at least a week, and to use antibiotic drops 3 times a day to keep my eyes from developing any infection. Book and Software Review.

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