Behind the Smile and Other Stories

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Recently, while writing on a book about art and the brain, an editor advised her to learn more about art history. Gombich's 'The Story of Art' in which he basically said, 'I know you've seen this painting a hundred times but look at it, just look at it. In staring at the picture, Dr. Livingstone said she noticed a kind of flickering quality.

The human eye has two distinct regions for seeing the world, Dr.

BEHIND my SMILE Event 12222. There is a story behind every smile!

Livingstone said. A central area, called the fovea, is where people see colors, read fine print, pick out details. The peripheral area, surrounding the fovea, is where people see black and white, motion and shadows. When people look at a face, their eyes spend most of the time focused on the other person's eyes, Dr. Thus when a person's center of gaze is on Mona Lisa's eyes, his less accurate peripheral vision is on her mouth. And because peripheral vision is not interested in detail, it readily picks up shadows from Mona Lisa's cheekbones.

The Pain Behind The Smile: The Robin Williams Story – StMU History Media

These shadows suggest and enhance the curvature of a smile. But when the viewer's eyes go directly to Mona Lisa's mouth, his central vision does not see the shadows, she said. The flickering quality -- with smile present and smile gone -- occurs as people move their eyes around Mona Lisa's face.

Livingstone said, always seeming to be smiling, even when she isn't, because her cheek bones are so prominent. It took the rest of us years to figure it out. It is also not clear, she said, why other painters have not copied the effect more often. Published: Aug Buy from our partners. You murdered your daughter.

The Eyes And The Smile Of Mona Lisa

You sold your soul to keep your secret. The Landing has always been known as a local teenage hangout. It is a dismal, haunting place, overgrown with kudzu.

People were LAUGHING at me because I was OVERWEIGHT

No animal dares venture into this Garden of Wickedness. If you linger there, Evil will devour you.

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Another young girl has gone missing. Her mother is distraught. Her father seems strangely complacent.

He has dark secrets that are eating him up like cancer, and no amount of alcohol can deaden the guilt.